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While being in many different Unity churches these past ten months (since the election of Trump) I find myself having to answer the question of what are we to do with such a person as Trump.  My answer has not wavered or varied, PRAY.  That is our job to pray for our President and all that is placed in front of him to do.  But it goes deeper than this.  Now the question that really needs to be answered is what am I praying for?  You see to simply say a pray for someone is not enough.  We need to place ourselves in a position to say what we want more of rather than a rote prayer of praying for our President.  What is the need?  The need is for more patience, for more clarity for more understanding.  The prayer is for more cooperation among our political leaders in all three government branches.  The prayer is for more peace and harmony among other nations and with in our own borders.  The prayer request is for more compassion for those with and without.  And most of all, to pray for our calmness in the mist of our own anger, sadness, disbelief and disappointment in how the election and so many things have turned out.


For what ever reason people have been stirred to action and reaction in these past months.  People are starting to come to peace rallies with baseball bats and pipes in their hands, their intentions clear and impactful.  I am reminded of my childhood when peace rallies and marches were taking place in every major city across our nation against the Vietnam War.  I could and still cannot imagine those in agreement with the war coming to the rallies expressing their opposing views in an aggressive and mean spirited way simply because another group of people were expressing their view points.  Have we really resorted to there be only one way, your way?  With God all things are possible.  Pray works if you work it.


We current live in a nation where it is not politically or socially wise to speak your minds no matter what the topic unless you are in the company of like-minded people.  For some it is even unwise to discuss a possible solution unless they already agree with you in principle.


Our minds and hearts are closed.  Prayer can open our hearts and minds again.  We can come together and discuss these issues as adults as opposed to thugs pushing our way onto others who differ in opinion with us.   Until we can come to the table to discuss our difference in an effort to Agree and Disagree in Love1 we will remain angry and hurt.  If No One and Nothing Is Against Us2 why are we fighting with each other?


Let us pray for peace within ourselves and our nation and the world as a whole.   Go in peace to love and serve the Lord for that is why we are here.


[1] Lombard Mennonites

[2] Gary Simmons and Rima E. Bonario