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Mutual Agreements

1)  I am mindful that only one person at a time speaks at a time.

2)  I am mindful to not engage in cross-talk or talking over others.

3)  I create my own space of safety and personal need.

4)  I use ‘I’ statements when speaking.

5)  I realize that what I share is my personal perceptions of an incident or situation and that every person has a right to their own perception and that that perception is real to them.

6)  I honor the boundaries of confidentiality established.

7)  I am willing to grow and express as a spiritually and emotionally mature individual.

8)  I am willing to negotiate and move my personal stake.

9)  I let my yes be yes and my no be no.

10)  I speak to my “itches” in group and not in the parking lot.

11)  I agree with decisions once made and not speak negative about outside the room.

12)  I respect time-frames established.

13)  I turn off my phone or place it on vibrate.


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